21 Dec

Reblogging a post on incomplete LinkedIn profiles might seem a little odd given that this is a blog on data, however, your incomplete LinkedIn profile gives me a potential colleague, manager, or applicant a great deal of data on you – yes you the owner of the unfinished profile. I encounter many profiles the likes of which Jo the author outlines, and often spelling errors are the best you can hope for. More often than not LinkedIn profiles represent an unfinished project than is visible for the whole world to see – is this really the impression that you want to give prospective employers? Remember, you decided it was worth doing when you signed up, and if its worth doing its worth doing well.

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I was poking around in LinkedIn today.  I accepted an invitation to connect (even though it was an un-creative, un-personal invitation) and after I accepted, the lovely LinkedIn algorithm told me about a whole bunch of other people I might know or want to be connected to.

As my eyes drifted down the list, I was shocked and dismayed and I am not being dramatic at all.

First, there was someone in a Controller role whose tagline was that she was an expert in “fiancé and analysis”.  Come on.  There may be only one letter missing but what a difference in credibility, especially when a key characteristic of a successful finance person is attention to detail.  The accounting office is down the hall and to the left.  The marriage license office is in a whole different building.

Then there were three people who referred to themselves without using capital letters…

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